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Leadership of Change® - Change Management Gamification

We use gamification so that your leadership and employees can learn, discuss, test and prepare for your organisational change

Working Together

Five Change Management Gamification pentalogy offerings each with their own focus:

About the Leadership of Change®

Leadership of Change® are change management simulations about strategy execution in large organisations. The games focus on how to implement organisational change to achieve a return on investment, employee adoption and sustainable change. The game takes the participants through the ten key steps to achieve successful change implementation. 

Leading Practice Change Management Theory

All Leadership of Change® games are based on the proprietary a2B Change Management Framework® (a2BCMF®), the AUILM® Change Adoption Model and the a2B5R® Employee Change Behaviour Model. Other a2BCMF® concepts can be read in the Leadership of Change® Volume 3 - Change Management Handbook

Our Games
The participants are given the responsibility of implementing various strategic change initiatives into a fictional organisation. They must follow a change management framework to implement the change. Their abilities to plan, execute and sustain change are measured throughout the game.

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What is Change Management Gamification?

Change management gamification is an interactive and dynamic way for employees to learn change management skills and knowledge using game characteristics. It is a growing trend which helps employees to learn and practice change management skills and knowledge in a safe training workshop environment with peers before they start their organisation’s change implementation journey. It is a way of engaging employees and preparing them to solve potential organisational change management implementation challenges by applying change concepts using a business case study simulation with a wide selection of stakeholders.

Why Use Gamification to Learn Change Management?

Using change management gamification to learn change management is much more effective than learning from static PowerPoint slides. Change management knowledge is information acquired through sensory input, such as reading, watching, listening, etc. Change management skills refers to the ability to apply change management knowledge during change implementation. However, it is best to work in a team, discuss change concepts and then practice the application of any newfound skills and knowledge to see how the stakeholders react before applying them in the workplace. Change management gamification provides employees with the opportunity to test their new skills and knowledge through our case study, gaining instant feedback on your chosen change tactics by how the stakeholders react!

What are the Benefits of Change Management Gamification?

  • Simulated business case study: A business change implementation simulation can be practised

  • Safe learning environment: Participants feel relaxed, then can discuss change concepts with their team, test ideas, ask questions, and take risks to learn

  • Experiential learning with instant feedback: Learning through experience and reflection to improve knowledge absorption and receive instant feedback on decisions 

  • Fun and team learning: A positive, happy, warm and friendly atmosphere improves learning motivation levels and builds better relationships within a team 

  • Immediately apply the learning back in the work place: Change Leadership skills and knowledge can be applied on new, real organisational changes

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