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Change Management Gamification Adoption - Leadership of Change Volume B

Change Adoption Workshop Manual

Change Management Gamification Adoption: This change management gamification workshop manual supports change practitioners to learn about change implementation with a focus on employee change adoption in a workshop environment using a business simulation. It includes a business case study that enables experiential learning in a safe environment so the skills and knowledge can be immediately applied back in the workplace.

Change Management Gamification Adoption - Leadership of Change Volume B – Peter F Gallagher

About this Workshop Manual: Leadership of Change® Volume B is a workshop manual used as one of the aids for learning change management through gamification. The benefits of change management gamification include a safe, fun learning environment with instant feedback and team learning that can be applied immediately back in the workplace. Volume B is a leadership simulation tool that focuses on employee change adoption. The most effective change practitioner understands change management methodologies and concepts with the ability to tailor them to their own specific project or change initiative. They can work with the sponsor, leaders, employees and other key stakeholders to successfully implement organisation change, with a focus on employee change adoption and benefits realisation. We use gamification so that your employees can learn, test and prepare to successfully deliver sustainable organisational change. It helps change professionals test different leadership of change strategies through experiential learning with their peers. This colourful manual includes a case study about the implementation of an IT system to support the organisation as it adopts new technology and changing customer buying habits. The participants play the Change Practitioner role, working with twelve key stakeholders and an external partner to successfully implement change. Change Management Gamification Adoption is usually played over a day and has three phases: Plan, Execute and Sustain. The simulation follows both the AUILM® Employee Change Adoption Model and the ten step a2B Change Management Framework® (a2BCMF®). There are ten rounds and during each round the change practitioners pick their chosen change tactic before they find out how the stakeholders react. The change tactics are supported by over forty change management concepts, graphically illustrated.


Change Management Gamification

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Change Management Benefits

Change Disruption and Leadership

a2B Change Management Framework®

AutoChanzeTM Systems Case Study

AutoChanzeTM Systems Organisation Structure

Key Stakeholders


  Round 1

Phase 1 – Plan the Change

1. Change Definition

2. Secure Sponsorship and Resources

3. Assess Previous Change

4. Develop Detailed Change Plan

A.Individual and Team Tactics

B.Plan Phase Reflections


  Round 2

Phase 2 – Execute the Change

5.Communicate the Change

6.Assess Readiness

7.Manage Resistance

8.Develop New Skill and Behaviours

C.Individual and Team Tactics

D.Execute Phase Reflections


  Round 3

Phase 3 – Sustain the Change


10.Sustain and Close

E.Individual and Team Tactics

F.Sustain Phase Reflections



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About the Author

List of Figures

Round 1:Phase 1 – Plan the Change

1.1 Strategic Alignment

1.2 Change Capacity

1.3 Elevator Speech and Communication

1.4 Stakeholder Resistance and Adoption

2.1 Sponsorship

2.2 Change Team

2.3 Leadership Alignment

2.4 Change Agents

3.0 Assess Previous Change

4.0 Project Change Plan (PCP)

Round 2: Phase 2 – Execute the Change

5.0 Communication Change Plan (CCP)

6.0 Change Readiness Assessment (CRA)

7.1 Resistance Groups and Individual Standpoints

7.2 Resistance Tipping Point

7.3 Fixed Verses Growth Mindset

7.4 Tell and Sell Implementation Approaches

8.1 Develop New Skills

8.2 Develop New Behaviours

  Round 3: Phase 3 – Sustain the Change

9.0  Adoption

10.1 Sustain the Change

10.2 Balanced Scorecard

10.3 Close the Change Programme

10.4 Knowledge Transfer Process

Leadership of Change®

Change Management Body of Knowledge Volumes: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, A, B, C, D & E

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