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Leadership of Change Masterclass – May 2018 - Edinburgh, UK

Leadership of Change Masterclass - 10 Change Management Lessons Learned and Tips - Black Ivy Hotel

“Organisations are in a constant state of change. With this comes the challenge of balancing the leadership paradox: change implementation versus delivering day-to-day operations”

Masterclass Class Agenda

*Breakfast and Networking

1. Change Disruption and Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR)

2. Typical IT Project Budget: Planned verses Reality

3. Change Management Benefits

4. Ten Lessons Learned and Tips

  • Strategic Alignment

  • Sponsorship and Resources

  • Previous Change History

  • Detailed Change Plan

  • Communication

  • Change Readiness

  • Manage Resistance

  • New Skills and Behaviours

  • Adoption

  • Sustain and Close

5. Summary and Key Take Aways

6. Q&A"

*Drinks and Networking

Peter F Gallagher Change Management Global Thought Leader, Change Management Expert, International Corporate Keynote Speaker, Leadership of Change, Change Management Author, Leadership Alignment Coach, Peter F Gallagher Ranked #1 Global Thought Leaders Change Management (May 2020) Thinkers360

“Some organisational leaders see their role in a major improvement and change as starting with signing the finance approval and finishing with sending the briefing e-mail with an attached PowerPoint presentation. A while later they wonder where it all went wrong when there is no ROI”

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Peter F Gallagher is a Change Management Global Thought Leader, Expert, International Speaker, Author and Leadership Alignment Coach.

Ranked #1 Change Management Global Thought Leader: Top 50 Global Thought Leaders and Influencers on Change Management (May 2020) by Thinkers360.

Business Book Ranking: Change Management Pocket Guide - Leadership of Change® Volume 2, ranked within the top 50 Business and Technology Books (Jan 2020) from Thinkers360 Thought Leaders.



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