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International Organisational Change Management Keynote Speaker ~ Peter F Gallagher

The Leadership of Change: 10 Change Management Lessons Learned


  • Many change/IT project implementations do not realise the benefits

  • IT budgets tend to overspend, reducing change, communication and training budgets

  • Aligning the project with strategy and dropping less important projects

  • The importance of sponsorship and what it means to the leadership team

  • Assessing previous change history to avoid past mistakes

  • Developing the new skills and behaviours

  • Achieve change adoption is critical to achieving ROI


Unless the organisation’s change programme is continually aligned to the organisation’s strategy, culture and capacity it will not deliver speedy benefits or value to the organisation” ~ Peter F Gallagher

Change Management - Leadership and Sponsorship is Critical


After delivering change, transformation, business and process Improvement projects for over thirty years, it is clear that one of the most important elements in change project success is effective and proactive sponsorship. In fact, without effective and proactive project sponsorship, the project will eventually fail. Peter speaks about the three key elements of change programme sponsorship and leadership.


"Without effective and proactive sponsorship the change project will eventually fail, the change will not be adopted by the employees nor be sustained, and it will not deliver the intended benefits" ~ Peter F Gallagher 

Change Management - Previous Change History Will Impact Future Success


Peter uses a data-driven approach to access previous organisational change history, analysing change results to mitigate previous weaknesses and enhance previous strengths. Too many organisations approach change the same way, repeating the same mistakes and failing to achieve the full benefits of the organisation's investment. Prior to the event, Peter sends out a Change History Assessment© (CHA©) to the audience and shares the results during his keynote. This provides fantastic insights into the audience's organisation change history. This format engages the audience before, during and after the event, maximising participation. Previous assessments have indicated that employee workload is not considered during change implementation, leaders misunderstand the role of the sponsor and many employees think the organisation’s future change implementation will fail

To achieve future organisational change management success, analyse previous change history, mitigate previous weakness and enhance previous strengths” ~ Peter F Gallagher

Change Management - Change Resistance


Most organisatons will encounter resistance to change, whether the change is perceived by employees as impacting them in a positive or negative way. Resistance can take many forms, it can be overt or covert, as well as active or passive. Organisational leaders cannot control the world changing around them, but they should try to understand employee groups within a change and move them quickly towards understanding resistance and acceptance of the change. Peter speaks about the three key groups of employees in any change management journey: Advocates, Observers and Rebels.


Nothing negatively impacts organisation performance quicker than employees who resists change and who believes that the way they work today is the way they will work tomorrow” ~ Peter F Gallagher

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