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Information for Organisers

4 Reasons Organisers Book Peter

As an event organiser you want experts in their field, you know that people and messages on the stage should be visible and memorable for the audience. Peter speaks with over 30 years of experience have worked globally for some of the world's largest and most successful organansiations. Here is a list to help you decide:

Expertise: Peter led major global organisational change, transformation and improvement programmes. He is also an author and trainer in change management.



Lasting Impact: Peter has worked in over 25 countries and brings highly interesting and unforgettable stories that excite the audience and deliver lasting impact.

Entertaining Speaker: Peter's stage presence and tongue in cheek humour keeps the audience energised and enjoying the event.



Global Experience: Peter has over 30+ years of internal and consulting experience, working with some of the world's most successful organisations.

Message from Peter...

As an international speaker, I know how important your conference is to your organisation. You have key messages that you’d like to get across in a dynamic but respectful way — to motivate your people into action or maybe just to think differently. That’s why I take time to build real empathy with you and your audience in advance.

I'll listen first to you, then speak to a number of your audience before the event - to ensure the content, structure and delivery style is right for you and your organisation. Drawing from appropriate business and consulting, I will then tailor a presentation to suit you.

Together we can ensure you have a conference to remember.


The Leadership of Change: 10 Change Management Lessons Learned ~ DIGIT Edinburgh


Peter was invited to present at the 2018 DIGIT Leaders' Summit: He spoke about “The Leadership of Change: 10 Change Management Lessons Learned” and is a genuine expert in change management with a wealth of experience across a range of different industries. The presentation he delivered was relevant, well-structured and filled with valuable takeaways. He is also a very powerful orator and stimulated excellent interaction and feedback from the attendees on the day. Further to this Peter also wrote an editorial article that was used to promote the event”


Pete Swift - Managing Editor & Research Director at DIGIT,

SBNN 40 Under 40

Vistage CEO Workshop: 

Linking Strategic Planning, Business Improvement and Change Implementation



His deep expertise in ensuring effective strategy execution, change management, and how to gain process improvements through the use of the latest lean business techniques shone through the case studies he chose. Unhesitatingly I recommend Peter


Gerard McGinn, Vistage Group Chair - Vistage International (UK) Ltd.

The Leadership of Change: Sponsorship, Change History and Resistance ~ Heriot-Watt University

Audience Feedback:

“Engaged the audience and received good participation. Relevant to all attendees. Not over complicated – pitched at the right level. Would be good to get him to do other sessions. Great insights into the Change History Assessment ”

“Captured very clearly the change sponsorship role – would be good for sponsors to hear as most I have worked with think their role is far less than was described”

Eddie Lamont, SPPMG - Chairperson and Police Scotland - Portfolio Team Leader

The Leadership of Change: 10 Change Management Lessons Learned ~ Black Ivy

Keywords you would use to describe Peter:

Charismatic, personable and knowledgeable

Engaging, useful information presented, storyteller; great

use of his background and storytelling

“Engaging, very personable. Excellent field knowledge”

How would you describe Peter’s content and style to someone else?

 “Open but friendly but suitably professional”

Content excellent. Presentation style informative

 real-world examples and useful

"Exceptionally; easy to follow; not too much detail, engaging information and style