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Leadership of Change - Lessons Learned

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

Ten key Change Management Lessons Learned

a2B Change Management Framework- Step #1 - Change Definition

Is there a strategic fit with the change project? Be very clear on how the change project fits within the organisation's strategy, portfolio and the leadership

a2B Change Management Framework- Step #2 - Secure Sponsorship and Resources

Does the change project have senior sponsorship?

Ensure they have time, they senior enough, they command respect and understand sponsorship

a2B Change Management Framework- Step #3 - Assess Previous Change

Will previous change history impact future success?

A Change History Assessment (CHA) can provide insights and lessons learned which will be invaluable to the change team

a2B Change Management Framework- Step #4 - Develop Detailed Change Plan

Is the change aligned with the wider programme plan?

Create a detailed change plan that follows a suitable change framework and is connected and aligned with the other work streams and the main programme plan

a2B Change Management Framework - Step #5 - Communicate the Change

Are you communicating 10 times more than you think?

Communicate like how the blood flows in your body, but instead of supplying vital oxygen and nutrients, communication supplies information and motivation to the impacted stakeholders

a2B Change Management Framework- Step #6 - Assess Readiness

Have the employees the capacity and are they ready for change?

Change readiness requires the sponsor and the leadership team to prepare the organisation and its employees for change implementation

a2B Change Management Framework- Step #7 - Manage Resistance

Are you aware that there will always be resistance?

There are 3 groups of employees in any change journey: ‘Advocates’, ‘Observers’ and ‘Rebels’. Each reacts differently to organisational change and will have different levels of resistance

a2B Change Management Framework- Step #8 - Develop New Skills and Behaviour

Have you performed a TNA to establish skill and behaviour gaps?

“If you do not change the employee mindset and behaviour, you will not get organisational change”

a2B Change Management Framework- Step #9 - Adoption

Has the AUILM® Model been used to gain employee adoption? "Align the employees with the strategy, new processes, systems and leadership to achieve adoption"

a2B Change Management Framework- Step #10 - Sustain and Close

Has the change programme been officially closed?

"Ensure the programme has an official documented handover process to operations and benefits are tracked through the BSC and IPPs"

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