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Lean Practitioner Role Overview in 2 minutes

Updated: Oct 11, 2020


Lean Practitioners Role:

Lean Practitioners are valuable assets to the organisation, they are powerful change agents who drive fast, effective organisational improvements. Lean Practitioner can make a real difference to business performance and customer satisfaction. They focus on increasing customer value by removing waste to improve processes, products and services.

Value and Skills:

A skilled and experienced Lean Practitioner is an invaluable lean and business improvement project leader who can greatly enhance customer value, remove organisation waste and improve operating performance. They are powerful change agents who drive fast, effective organisational improvements. They will have lean and business and process improvement expertise, facilitation skills and credibility within the organisation. They apply these skills as well as lean methodologies, tools and techniques including change management to deliver improvement across the organisation.


1. What is a Lean Practitioner?

2. What is the role of a Lean Practitioner?

3. Lean Practitioner Role #1; - Apply lean methodologies - Create value stream maps- Perform value analysis

4. Lean Practitioner Role #2: - Support the sponsor, organisation and leadership team to implement lean

5. Lean Practitioner Role #3; - Support the lean deployment by developing

6. Key Skills of a Lean Practitioner


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