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Change Management Behaviour - Leadership of Change Volume 6

Change Management Behaviour: Sometimes in order for an organisation to successfully deliver change or transformation and achieve sustainable change and benefits realisation employee behaviour change is required. To change these behaviours, the organisation must then support the employees through the change transition by implementing five key change behaviour stages: Recognise, Redesign, Resolve, Replicate and Reinforce

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About this book: This change management book focuses on how to achieve employee behaviour change which sometimes can be a critical part of successful organisational change. Sometimes a major organisation changes or transformation relies on employee behaviour change on safety, legal or financial compliance, improved customer service, following new processes or using new systems or there could be problems on bullying, fraudulent activities, etc. Occasionally if you do not change employee behaviour, you will not get organisational change.
The Leadership of Change® Volume 6, focuses on how to achieve employee behaviour change in a major organisation change or transformation using the a2B5R® Employee Behaviour Change Model. The a2B5R® Model outlines the five key life cycle stages of the change transition that change teams should take their organisation and employees through. The first stage is to get the organisation and its employees to Recognise there is a behaviour issue. Then the new behaviours need to be Redesigned, a Resolution made to implement them, then Replicate them and finally Reinforce the new way. Change implementation focuses on aligning employees, processes, systems and leaders, it is also supported by the a2B Change Management Framework® (a2BCMF®). 

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