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Leadership of Change Volume 3 - Change Management Handbook (Cover Design Release)

Updated: Apr 15

Change Management Handbook: This handbook contains over fifty concepts, models, figures, assessments, tools, templates, checklists, plans, a roadmap and glossary structured around the ten-step a2B Change Management Framework® each with a practical case study..

About the Book:

All too often, change management implementations fail to deliver the expected organisation benefits or gain employee adoption. Volume 3 - Change Management Handbook is targeted at all employees going through an organisational change. It will help them to understand why organisations need to change, and why they need to learn new skills and behaviours. It will also explain why becoming involved in shaping the change can be more fulfilling for them and their organisation. This handbook is of particular interest to change practitioners, HR professionals, students studying change management, and project managers, including organisational managers and leaders. This book can also be used as part of a self-study programme or as a reference before, during, and after training to learn change management concepts, assessments, tools, templates, checklists and plans, as well as the roadmap and glossary.

This book is suitable for business professionals undertaking organisational change management, transformation and improvement, or students studying change management. It is typically sold or distributed under, or as part of, a license agreement to teach or use the frameworks, models and concepts contained herein.

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