Leadership of Change® - Change Management Quote Cards (21 - 40)

Change management and the Leadership of Change are a challenge for every organisation. It’s important that everyone involved approaches organisational changes with a growth mindset, learning from previous change, aligning the leadership team, using structures approaches and focusing on employee adoption to achieve benefits realisation and suitability.  


Please enjoy reading our Change Management Quote Cards:

"Change management is the process, techniques, and tools to support organisations, leadership teams, and employees going through a change transition from the current ‘a’ state to the improved future ‘B’ state” PFGQC21-CMDef

“The organisation will adopt change when leaders show and model the new way”


"Too often the change team will engage a leader with success delusion, this look is obvious on their face when you enter their office. They think to themselves, ‘Who is this plebeian and dullard before me?"PFGQC23-LoCPleb1

“For change adoption to be successful, support the employees through the change transition by providing Awareness, Understanding, Involvement, Learning, and Motivation to achieve sustainable change and benefits realisation”


“While change and transformation programmes focus on strategy execution to improve organisation performance, shareholders at a minimum expect benefits delivery”


“Change Approach:
If it is about compliance, legislation or safety it will be a ‘Tell’
If it is about winning hearts and minds it will be a ‘Sell’


Heading 1

“Organisations invest enormous amounts of financial capital, resources and effort on critical strategic change programmes. However, when it comes to transferring ownership to operations, it is at best a superficial process with little or no hope of the change being sustained”


“4IR offers two opportunities, change your business or cease”


"Too many leaders try to install change into their organisation like how they would build flat-pack furniture. No plan is followed, some parts are left out and then they wonder why it does not function"


“There are few greater professional feelings than when you lead, develop, work with a cross functional team to successfully deliver a change that improves organisational value”


“While delivering organisational change or improvements, one cannot be sure whether the main challenge is narcissistic and deluded leaders or the sheep that follow in abundance"​


“Change leadership requires a different set of skills than leading normal day-to-day operations, this capability must be developed before leading organisational change”


“While delivering organisational change or improvements, one cannot be sure whether the main challenge is narcissistic and deluded leaders or the sheep that follow in abundance”


"Many leaders get to the top of an organisation with skills less associated to leadership, but more the ability to eliminate greater competition on the way"


"If an organisation has a history of change failure, future success will require a different approach”


"Resolve is the foundation of change.The organisation and its employees must make a commitment to behaviour change and take personal ownership"


“Organisations with superior leadership of change capability stay ahead in the marketplace”


“When I find business problems, I find communication failure, when I find communication failure, I find business problems”


“The micro facial expression of contempt when engaging leaders about preparing for their organisation's change is often the norm, matched only by their leadership of change knowledge”


“Change Blindness is a condition, where people cling to an old belief without considering the future or better options”


“If more employees were better leaders of change, the organisational benefits would be endless”


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